Development and implementation of software, which improves
and expands the functionality of various systems,
such as PLM, CAD, CAM, and CAE for automation
of design and technological preparation of production.


We offer only rational
business solutions.

From initial problem analysis and technology consulting
to long-term support of implemented solutions - we successfully evaluate
and complete a whole range of services due to our exceptional
knowledge and experience.

We develop extension modules (plugins) for leading CAD and PDM systems, such as Solidworks, Solidworks Electrical, Solidworks PDM, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, Kompas3D, IPS, LocmanPLM and more.

Adapt the software to the working procedures of the enterprise.

Optimize and refine the software and business processes of documentation development during the equipment upgrade.

Develop solutions to construct new processes or automate existing processes of design and technological production preparation.


Results Guaranteed

  • You can submit your technical assignment in a free form. We will formulate it for ourselves to successfully achieve your goals.
  • We can work on a fixed budget or with the flexible Agile method - you choose!
  • We speak with the customer using plain language and offer individual and convenient partnership terms.
  • We conduct small automation of production processes and large-scale projects. Our goal is long-term cooperation with customers.
  • We offer solutions for specific needs, keeping in mind the existing IT infrastructure, and we will organically integrate any module into the established working practices.
  • Our prices are more than competitive due to individual approach to your tasks, flexibility in decision-making, lack of bureaucracy, and excessive processes formalization within the company.


Quick reaction to changes in the production process of design and technological preparation is an essential factor in the efficient operation of industrial enterprises and a time requirement.

You need urgent functional changes, customer requirements are constantly changing, and the system integrator issues enormous bills even for the tiniest improvements? Sounds familiar to you? If yes, today is the day to start working with us on mutually agreed terms.


How We Work

Goal Discussion and Task Formulation 1

Development 3

User Training 5

Technical Support and Further Assistance 7

2 Architecture Elaboration

4 Testing and Debugging

6 User Manual Preparation

Why Choose Us?

Our Principles


Quality is our foundation in the service provision. All our company processes are built in a way to provide the highest level of quality, without compromise or exceptions. We achieve this using the combined development experience of many hundreds of man-years.

Working hard

We work hard every day and don’t get scared by complex non-trivial tasks. We are able to work cohesively for the result, fully immersed in the process and ahead of the deadline!


Efficiency is our specialty and even more - it’s the meaning of our work! We participate in the digital transformation of companies, implementing simple and complex, yet always effective IT solutions adapted to the customer needs.


As experts, we believe that we must have a wise, reasonable and rational approach in the proposed solutions and pricing. We don’t try to impose anything excessive and rely on long-term partnerships.


Each member of our team is an individual, enthusiast, and an expert in his field, ensuring 100% company success. All developers have a specialized engineering design and technical education with design competencies. Project managers are also business analysts.


We process each order with a flexible and individual approach, quickly adapting to the changing customer requirements, without compromise to the product quality. We know how valuable it is to be open to change, especially in industries with constantly increasing project complexity.

Who Is It For?

Let's Take the Same Path Together

Our solutions free engineers from routine standard design procedures and maximize their creative potential.

Today, companies that are most interested in our assistance are the manufacturers of complex products, requiring daily support in automation of design processes and technological production preparation.

Customers who are used to counting money usually choose us. They know that automation of processes will reduce their costs in the short run and know how to choose the contractor.


Trust Us

Some of the tasks we solved for our customers


Convenient Digital Approach to Fast & End-to-End Design.

We use the world’s best practices in software development.

Flexible Agile project management is applied within the team, allowing the customer to visually observe the product development, with an ability to influence the development vector of created solutions.

A single environment is used for development and support, so we can always quickly find a project, even the old one.

We develop cross-platform solutions.

We Will Evaluate Your Project
in a Couple of Days